The exhibition and especially the project „Thanks a lot“ (Díky moc) works as a baton passed between the students. Each lottery winner has the obligation to prepare the installation of a coherent ensemble in the shortest possible time. A specific factor of the Thanks a lot events are the non-theatrical spaces in which they usually take place. The aim of the project is to ensure a regular meeting of the students of the Studio of Advertising Photography, associated with the confrontation of their current free work, independent of school assignments. The calendar presents a narrow sample of works from a total of 26 exhibitions that have been from 2016 to 2020.

Photographies of the calendar: Obývák creative studio

Photographies in Calendar: M. Skalický, J. Smolík, E. Dudinský, B. Zaťková, R. Jirásková, L. Kleinová, Z. Čaprnková, M. Damek, D. Mackovič, E. Rauerová, P. Hála, M. Očenášová

Supervision: doc. MgA. Jan Jindra

Editors: Lenka Kleinová, Elsa Rauerová

Published by: Studio od Advertising Photography – FMC TBU Zlín, 2020